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Children in our preschool and after-school programs receive a comprehensive curriculum that covers emotional, physical, social, and self-expression needs. Through a blend of traditional and innovative teaching methods, our team creates engaging activities and experiences that cater to each child's unique learning style. We constantly evaluate and update the curriculum to ensure it aligns with the latest research in early childhood development.
We believe that learning should be fun and engaging for children. To ensure that all activities are developmentally appropriate and interesting for children, we pair innovative learning games and activities with age-appropriate materials. Our staff looks for unique opportunities to expose children to diverse experiences and cultures, enabling them to understand and connect with a broader reality.

Our caring and professional staff is dedicated to fostering a sense of community among our students and the entire Stepping Stones community. We strive to create a safe environment in which children feel supported and are encouraged to explore, create, and connect with one another. Individual attention is paid to each child's needs and interests, enabling them to gain skills such as critical thinking and self-expression. Parents and guardians of our students can expect regular updates on their children's progress and growth.

For parents who want an enriching and engaging early learning experience for their children, Stepping Stones Preschool & After-School Care is the perfect choice. Our licensed family home child care programs are designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for learning and growth, with a curriculum that is tailored to each child's needs. Register your child today to take advantage of our family child care program.

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